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Is it simple to create a website for my business?

There is no YES or NO to this question. The answer is: IT DEPENDS. It depends on the specifications and requirements of the project. In recent years, many tools have been developed that allow the creation of web pages in less time than in the past. Surely this development is for the benefit of everyone and especially our customers. Our company has the necessary experience and know-how required for your new website to be successful.

What does this mean for us?

The following directions you will read can help you, either during the initial construction of your website, or later, during its upgrade or reconstruction.

Simple CMS (Customer Management System)

In the competitive environment that has formed, you need to be able to update your site constantly. Making it easy to manage, both in terms of order management and content management, is important. An unwieldy site, for the use of which you have to refer to "instructions for use", or even worse a site that requires the intervention of a programmer, will either mean increased costs for your business, or that it will not be updated often enough. Both cases are undesirable.

Fast loading

Yes, fast loading should be considered a basic requirement now. It not only helps the ranking of your website / e-shop in Google, it not only lowers the cost of advertising it in Google AdWords, but it is now a basic requirement from users as well. If, for example, your e-shop takes more than 4 seconds to load, you are definitely losing 30% of your visitors. Amazon in an experiment it did, saw that for every 1/10 of a second of delay it put in loading its page, it lost 0.7% of its sales! This means a 7% drop in turnover for every 1 second of delay!

Friendly to all search engines

Your website or eShop should be able to be read and indexed by the major search engines, namely… Google. If that doesn't work, then you're missing out on an important sales channel that would work for you for free. Friendly means a lot of small details that should be taken care of in the technical part of the construction of the website.

100% responsive

More than 25% of users now surf from mobiles or tablets, while on many websites this percentage even exceeds 45% with a strong upward trend. You can also see the percentage of visitors to your site via Google Analytics (Audience > Mobile > Devices). The technique that has prevailed in the last 5 years as a response to the above development is that of responsive design. Responsive design is the method recommended by Google and practically it is when the website / eshop automatically adapts all its content to the user's screen dimensions, whether it is horizontal or vertical orientation. Our company prioritizes website / eshop construction in responsive design.

Fast search

Fast and smart search, especially in e-shops with many products, is essential as it is a key point between the user and your business.

Google Analytics & Reporting

Just as in your physical store you monitor how many people enter every day, how many of them buy, what turnover they make and you try to improve the result, so in the online world it is important to have a complete and clear picture of the behavior of users on your site and above all , to know which marketing moves work, which ones don't and to what degree, so you can keep the most effective ones and improve them. There are many tools that help in this direction, but Google Analytics 4 is considered the standard and the basis on which you should step. Google Analytics 4 is provided for free by Google and its installation is simple, but a simple installation is not enough to get the full picture as this is something that is constantly being "built".

3 Steps Checkout

One of the most critical points of every e-shop is the checkout, i.e. the process of completing orders. That is where the primary goal of every e-shop is completed, namely sales. It is therefore very important that this process is easy, clear and simple for the user. Anything that will distract or confuse him is capable of preventing the sale.

Offers & discount coupons creation

The word offer is a word that "sells" a lot. So depending on the scope of your business, you may need to use it often. In us, eShop creation, we promise that it has an easy way to create discounts, offers, discount coupons to bring effect to your industry and therefore to your profits.

Blog (Content Marketing)

Keeping an updated blog accomplishes many things. You create a community of targeted audiences that engage more with your site's content. You project your personality and visitors have one more reason to buy from you as many of them will identify with you. You get feedback from the market (via comments) and can stay targeted to your audience's needs.

Social Media

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) depending on the subject of your e-shop, can be another important source of sales, but also a tool to strengthen your brand.

Continuous Development

The result that the website / e-shop brings can be optimized and your business can become much more profitable if you incorporate a culture of measurement, testing and continuous improvement.

Are you interested in any of our services? Contact us now!

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